Apr 9, 2006

Museum Monday #9

Monday. Life (and more importantly work) is getting rather tiresome. It's still better than nothing I guess, and does have its moments, just not on a Monday. Unless of course you take Museum Monday into consideration. But, who (beside a gnome that is) would ever dream of doing such a thing? Nobody I guess.

Still, pessimist introduction aside, this Museum Monday will be about a most interesting virtual museum. The aptly named Video Game Museum. Visit its cyber halls, ignore the mediocre design and feast upon more than 13000 game articles (well, screenshots mostly) on every conceivable format, 60 reviews, 3130 (at the time of writing) game endings and quite a few interesting downloads.

Have a nice Monday. Indeed... I'm off for a drink.

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  1. I'm about to end my Monday. And yes, its the same ol' Monday as usual...

    And no, that isn't a good thing. At all.

  2. Aha, at last ross. You saw the horrible truth, and stopped speading your false prophecies on "not such a bad Monday" or "didn't go to work this Monday".

    You saw the truth. Despair.

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  4. Great find, that museum. I've always wanted to know how Paatank on the 3D0 looked!! lol

  5. Actually, Paatank inst there. DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ooopsss... I'll try to find Paatank...